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We work exclusively with top tier suppliers in each market in which we operate. Miners, mills, refineries, steel mills, renowned industries and agro-business suppliers of the highest standard. Always companies structured to give each customer the security they need for their purchases.

In the steel and minerals market, we supply from raw metals as well as processed, from steel to aluminum, for the most diverse industrial applications.

In the agribusiness market, we provide the supply of grains, by-products for animal feed, oils, chicken, beef and pork, to all of South Asia, Eurasia, Middle East and Africa.

In the sugar market, we operate with crystal and refined sugars, in container shipments, both from Brazil and supplyers from Africa, Australia and other coutries, to meet the needs of our customers. We have made it possible to supply RAW SUGAR, VHP and VVHP to refineries across Asia, Eurasia and the Russian Federation, always operating within market standards (NY11 /LONDON 5)