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We work exclusively with top-tier suppliers in each market in which we operate. Mining companies, plants, refineries, steel mills, renowned industries and agribusiness suppliers of the highest standard. Always companies structured to give each customer the security they need in their supply.

In the steel and metals market, we supply everything from raw and processed metals, from steel to aluminum, including copper and metal alloys for industrial use, civil and naval construction.

In the agribusiness market, we supply grains, animal feed, oils, chicken, beef and pork, wheat and sugar throughout South Asia, Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa, always operating within market standards.

In the energy market, we can supply clear fuels and crude oil, as well as petroleum by-products such as bitumen, pet coke, urea and other fertilizers and petrochemicals.

In 2024 we are launching our own brand of solar panels, with performance up to 650 W for the entire Brazilian and Latin American and African markets.

We supply manganese, iron and coal ores, as well as tantalite, columbite and niobium for the most diverse industrial applications, all duly legal.

In the chartering market, we can facilitate shipments in break bulk, part cargo, from China to South America, as well as to other origin and destination routes. We are also able to provide access to tankers for clear (CPP) and crude (DPP) fuels, as well as Supramax and Handymax ships, for ores, grains and other products, either as shipbrokers or as commercial operators of handymax, lpg and bitumen carriers.

Finally, we operate in the military and transport vehicle market, with the MARCOPOLO bus brands and representing AGRALE military vehicles, including the MARRUA armed military jeep in its versions, as well as other products such as drones and various equipment.

MALAKA is a broad-spectrum company, focused on enabling and implementing business in the most practical and effective way possible.

When negotiating with us, you are assured of delivering what you promised.